Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Tell Em I Put You On


Air Jordan 1 “Future Sole” Edition

I want one

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day After Rehab:The Death Of Willie Minus playlist by Euro P. Gold

Day After Rehab:The Death Of Willie Minus playlist by Euro P. Gold

Damn Niki

Yall know this my baby...

SuperBowl Commercials


SuperBowl Commmercials

Laughs!!! Younbul Pausey as shit too...lmfao

TheGoldRush Feb. 2010



I am glad to see something postive for the city of New Orleans. I watched this game smacked outta my mind, in HD may have been the best game I have ever seen. In reality, the game was boring, to say the least. I kinda expeceted to see "Stat Padding" game but boths teems defenses played at a pretty decent level. "Wayne's gonna make a song about this!" @taygotthejuice...Too bad he's going to jail tomm. Mabye Next Season!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TheGoldRush Sessions: Pregame Pt1

Studio Footage for Pregame
Euro P. Gold x Jack Swain= classic material
Nuff Said

Pregame Promo Ad.

Here is some promo footage for a feature track on TheGoldRush: Foundation. This should be ready to go on Feb. 23, 2010. Pregame is a pretty smooth jem, produced by Jack Swain. I'm basicly talking about pregaming, before I write. Interesting? I bet.
Keep Listening!

Songs In The Key of E#

Styles P ft. Pharoah Monch My Life
I remember hearing this song the first time I got high. I had this shit on a cassette tape, had to dub it from my cousin. Still can kinda feel the chills it gave me when I listen to it. Listing to this, I can see exactly where and why my style, flow, and content is so honest and true to my roots. Pinero's flow is raw and Monch shows his range on the hook. Check it out live @ the Highline Ballroom
via Rap Radar

Fat Rap Cats

Peep this coon make a str8 fool of himself. Fat rappers usually get love for 2 reasons they are either are lyrical or just funny as shit. This guy got phase two down pat. Ha Check Emm Out!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Madness Freestyle Euro P. Gold

New Music~~~~~~~EURO P. GOLD Madness
Just a lil freestyle with my fav producer of all time....
Mr. James Yancy greatly known as J. Dilla
Its not mixed but fuck it I missed you guys soo much I cooked up a treat.
Enjoy! and Download

Madness by Euro P. Gold

Its no wonder why I love cookies!

After months of scratching and surviving on the internet tryna get mixtape reviews and blogpost a blessing came. "A mutual friend" put my music in the hands of Cameron Osteen creator of Fresh Cookiez, one of the better blogs on this ses-pool we call the internet. Must say it was a pleasure doing biz, Cam "Ima have ya post up by the end of the night" post was up when I got in the crib. Shouts out to you def. gave me one of my better if not best post and a solid review. Check out his blog and check out this post. If I were you I would add it to your blog roll. Nuff Said

Fresh Cookiez

Lupe Fiasco

Arguably one of the best lyricist ever, Lupe Fiasco is prepping to release his third studio album "Lasers". Date? Don't matter because this post is not so much about him or his music but how he inspired me to keep grinding with this music shit. Check out the video. I'm sure a lot of people didn't see this because you only go to all hip hop to steal there music....like me!
Love Live Grow

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How to make an Avatar

If you have been to the movies this holiday season and you haven't seen Avatar your a fucking dickhead! I fell in love with this movie from the moment I put my Real D 3-D glasses on. I wont carry on for too long because James Cameron's not paying my black ass for free promo. However, I will say these two things: We have got to take care of our Earth, and I'm tryna go to Pandora.
Check Out The Video....via hypebeast

Birth of an AVATAR from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Jay-Z On To The Next One Video

Jay...Jay...Jay...another all black video....DOPE
Getting a little sick of the all black, sibminal, demonic theme. Actually, I'm more sick of people claiming Jay-Z is affiliated with various secrect societes. If people knew history they would be able to differentiate the real from the replica.
(Off of my soap box)
On To The Next One Jay-Z

Damn its been a whille...

forgive me for my absence...i been maturating...Happy New Year! Big things are on the way. Im not sure if this will be the station I broadcast from for much longer but they will not take me off the air. New music on the way as well...I didn't fall completely off...Cool beans Euro P. Gold...BACK IN EFFECT!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Rarely do I respect female rappers. Most of them have no lyrical ability or origonality, yet Niki Minaj is actuallty dope. I respect her... check out this VIDEO
!!)TUNE IN(!!

Peacoat Vans MEEEANN

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Beatles Trailer

Featherbread Vest...bout to Cop

Comming up...I never had a vest. I always wanted one but never got one...guess its a first time for everything...cant wait to wear it.


Dope Kicks
Kinda Like a chuck/treck boot

Damn Ye....You still my nigga thou

Okay folks...We all have shared our views on Kanye and His outburst and I have never ever felt that he was wrong, until now. I can not believe the immaturity of my idol. On a memorial night, this drunk ass niggas offends someone who probably is a big fan of his music to make a irrelevant claim. Everyone in that room knew that Beyonce had the better video and all the viewers knew that it was complete fuckery. So what, let it ride.

Although that was outrageously uncalled for, I'm still a fan. Assholes make good music. His apology probably wasn't sincere but half of peoples aren't any way. I think sometimes we forget that these celebrities are normal people with emotions and feelings. Kanye just did what niggas do all the time. He just happened to do it at the VMA's. He cooned out for a few but he not black balled from MTV or award shows. If anything he owes black people an apology.
!!(Tune In)!!

Lets Go ASHER!!!

Asher Killing the show...Can't wait to get back on stage.


ay yo Eyi... I fuck wit J.Cole

Dude is dope I cnt lie...
Good lines...great potential

!!(TUNE IN)!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fifty Speaks Truth about Weezy


Damn I Love NIKES!

Nike Sportswear Air Structure Preview

The Blueprint 3...2...1...My Opinion..

Hands down, Jay-Z has been the guiding factor to my decisions in Hip Hop. So when you discuss Jay-Z you are discussing Euro P. Gold as well as many other rappers, even if they choose not to mention their idolization of him. Ironically, when I started writing rhymes Jay released Blueprint. I define Blueprint as the album that coached me. It led to my infatuation with samples; although I always liked them that album kind of solidified the need for them. It also showed me that if I was to do an album it would have to be as classical as the Blueprint.

To continue the irony as I dropped my first Album, Jay releases another Blueprint, which in my opinion is as good as the first Blueprint. However, I feel like I am on track with my music, according to Jay's Blueprints.

The Blueprint 3 contains some of the same elements that Blueprint 1 contained. The lyrical track that deals with females (Girls, Girls, Girls/Venus v. Mars). The track that just tells rappers I am the best (You Don’t Know/Already Home). The street single that peaks into the commercial audience (Izzo/Run This Town). The only difference is the production. Jay combines production of both Blueprints to create a supercharged album that still guides the new school. Causing us to still ask ourselves, "Where were you when the Blueprint 3 dropped?", even if it didn't drop on 9/11.


Songs in the Key of E#

Michael Jackson
Keep it In The Closet

This song is the peak of Teddy Riley production... I am supprised I haven't done a track that has a new jack swing feel. This is one of those songs I used to perform iu the miror with the brush as the Mic. lol
Tune In

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hard Ass Video....Weak Song

I think Jay could have came harder over this beat...Its a good song but its not fucking wit DOA....Anxious to hear the BP3


Fresh Shit I'd Spend Money on

Vans Vault Chukka Mock
Dope...fly as shit wit bootcut denim...