Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Blueprint 3...2...1...My Opinion..

Hands down, Jay-Z has been the guiding factor to my decisions in Hip Hop. So when you discuss Jay-Z you are discussing Euro P. Gold as well as many other rappers, even if they choose not to mention their idolization of him. Ironically, when I started writing rhymes Jay released Blueprint. I define Blueprint as the album that coached me. It led to my infatuation with samples; although I always liked them that album kind of solidified the need for them. It also showed me that if I was to do an album it would have to be as classical as the Blueprint.

To continue the irony as I dropped my first Album, Jay releases another Blueprint, which in my opinion is as good as the first Blueprint. However, I feel like I am on track with my music, according to Jay's Blueprints.

The Blueprint 3 contains some of the same elements that Blueprint 1 contained. The lyrical track that deals with females (Girls, Girls, Girls/Venus v. Mars). The track that just tells rappers I am the best (You Don’t Know/Already Home). The street single that peaks into the commercial audience (Izzo/Run This Town). The only difference is the production. Jay combines production of both Blueprints to create a supercharged album that still guides the new school. Causing us to still ask ourselves, "Where were you when the Blueprint 3 dropped?", even if it didn't drop on 9/11.


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